Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Creeks

Baxter Creek - Schoolhouse Creek Topo, 1899

Blue lines emphasize creeks as mapped in 1899, green tint emphasizes marshes, Magenta tint is modern fill areas

Most of the creeks flowing off the west-facing slopes of the Berkeley Hills were intermittent, meaning dry in the summer. Except during floods, most of the streams on this map did not flow all the way to San Francisco Bay. Their flows percolated into the sandy soils at the base of the hills. The creeks at the northernmost part of this map were directed into a flood-control channel, running through Stege, forming Baxter Creek. South of that, a creek did have a natural channel flowing all the way to the bay, but it never got a name. We refer to it as Fluvius Innominatus. South of that, many creeklets flowed into Cerrito Creek, the largest creek of the region, and the county line.

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USGS Topographic Map: Concord, Calif. 1/62,500, 1897; Courtesy of HISTOPO

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