Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Creeks

Lagunitas Creek Watershed

The Lagunitas Creek Watershed includes:
Paper Mill Creek, Olema Creek, Bear Valley Creek, Blueline Creek, Halleck Creek, Redwood Creek, Arroyo Nicasio, San Geronimo Creek, Big Carson Creek, Cataract Creek, Lily Gulch, Liberty Gulch, Bon Tempe Creek, Van Wyck Creek, Swede George, Blake Creek, Barnaby Creek, Devil's Gulch, Tomasini Creek, Haggerty Gulch, Grand Canyon, Nicasio Reservoir, Kent Lake, Alpine Lake, Bon Tempe Lake, Lagunitas Lake.

Information Resources:

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MMWD Watershed
Marin Co Resource Conservation Dist.
TU North Bay
Marin Coastal Watershed Project
NPS Coho Salmon Restoration
Endangered Freshwater Shrimp
USFWS California Freshwater Shrimp
Research Finds Changes
SRWQCB Water Rights Ruling

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