Part II, Lesson 9: Gold Production

Estimated Time:
30 to 45 minutes

Materials and Preparation:
• Make class set of "California Gold Production" chart
(Resource 9-1).
• One sheet of chart paper, butcher paper or tagboard.

To compare gold production and number of miners over time

Student Learnings:

  • Students will compare information on "California Gold Production" chart.
  • Students will participate in class discussion.
  • Students will write a summary regarding gold production in California over time.

Vocabulary: production, value

1. Pass out "California Gold Production" chart (Resource 9-1) to each student.

2. In pairs, have students refer to the chart and compare information regarding number of miners, amount of gold mined and value of gold per ounce.

3. Facilitate a class discussion of comparisons and inferences that students make. Record information on class chart.

Wrap-Up Activity:
Have students write a paragraph regarding gold production in California over time in their Investigation Casebooks. A writing prompt may be given as follows:

What can we infer about gold mining in California?

Have students make a list of things they would like to buy according to today's prices and calculate how much gold they would need to make a purchase according to gold prices then (1848) and now (1998).

Part II, Lesson 9
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