Resource #4-4 (secondary source)
Values and Beliefs of Manifest Destiny

Historian Patricia Limerick's comments on how Euro-Americans of 1850 generally viewed Indians:

"Euro-American ways of thinking were dominated by the ideas of civilization and savagery. Carrying associations of both nobility and violence, savagery was mankind's childhood, a starting stage in which society drew its shape and order from nature. Savagery meant hunting and gathering, not agriculture; common ownership, not individual property owning; pagan superstition, not Christianity; spoken language, not literacy; emotion, not reason. Savagery had its charms but was fated to yield before the higher stage of civilization represented by white Americans. Indians possessed the land and...Euro-Americans wanted it. ...[Euro-Americans felt] that...Indians were not using the land properly. Relying on hunting and gathering, savagery neglected the land's true potential and kept out those who could put it to proper use. A sparse Indian population wasted the resources that could support a dense white population."

Limerick, Patricia, The Legacy of Conquest (a secondary source)

Part I, Resource #4-4
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