Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Creeks

South Bay
Watershed Finder & Resources

This Watershed Finder will help you identify creeks and watersheds throughout the Bay Area, and point you to information about them. What watershed do you live in?

To zoom in on a particular creek or watershed, click on the area of the map where you believe that creek or watershed to be. Alternately, you can follow the text links below the map to zoom in on the watershed in question. For low-bandwidth connections try the alphabetical list of watersheds.

Adobe Creek
Guadalupe Slough
Permanente Creek
Coyote Creek
Laguna Creek
Stevens Creek
Guadalupe River
Matadero Creek

West Valley Watersheds

Guadalupe Coyote Resource Conservation District
S.C. Basin Watershed Management Initiative
S.C. Valley Open Space Authority
Santa Clara Valley Water District
Steelhead & Salmon in Santa Clara County
S.C. Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program

The Watershed Project
EPA Surf Your Watershed
Bay Area Creek Restoration History
San Francisco Bay Delta GIS
Bay Area EcoAtlas
SF Bay Joint Ventures
California Dams
SF Bay Reg. Water Quality Control Board
California Rivers Assessment
San Francisco Estuary Partnership
CA Urban Streams Restoration Program
Save the Bay
California Watershed Portal
USGS Bay & Delta Info
CA Watershed Projects Inventory
Urban Creeks Council
Creek Restoration Updates

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