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Gold Fever Part II

The Lure of Gold

California Gold NuggetsGold! Gold fever! The Golden State. Good as gold. Golden anniversary. Gold medal. The Golden years. Solid gold Cadillac. Go for the gold . . .

In almost all cultures around the world throughout history, gold has been valued and sought as a precious metal: gold as a mineral, gold as a commodity, gold as a precious object.


It has been a symbol of power, wealth and success. It has provoked greed and lust. It has been hoarded. It has launched expeditions and wars.

Gold!Gold is soft, malleable, and easily crafted into beautiful decorative objects. It is resilient and resistant to corrosives. It is valuable in industry and medicine. It is an enduring symbol.

Gold!And gold is relatively scarce, making it all the more desirable and valuable. Gold is the stuff of dreams.
Top: California Gold Nuggets, Collection of Oakland Museum of California
Middle Left: Collection of Wayne & Donna Leicht
Middle Right: Collection of the Oriental Mine
Bottom: Collection of Wayne & Donna Leicht


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