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Gold Fever! The Lure and Legacy of the California Gold Rush

Art of the Gold Rush: Painters and Prospectors

Silver & Gold: Cased Images of the Gold Rush

Natives & Immigrants

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  • Ida Rae Egli, Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Dr. Janet Fireman, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
  • Dr. Lisbeth Haas, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Dr. Gerald Haslam, Sonoma State University (retired)
  • Dr. David Gutierrez, University of California, San Diego
  • James Henley, Sacramento Archives and Museum Collections Center
  • Dr. J.S. Holliday, Principal Historical Consultant
  • Dr. Susan Johnson, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Dr. Howard Lamar, Yale University
  • Frank La Pena, California State University, Sacramento
  • Dr. Rudy Lapp, College of San Mateo (Emeritus)
  • Dr. Thomas Layton, San Jose State University
  • Dr. Ron Limbaugh, University of the Pacific
  • Dr. Patricia Limerick, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Dr. Robert Ryal Miller, University of California, Hayward (retired)
  • Dr. Richard Orsi, California State University, Hayward
  • Peter Palmquist, Photographic Historian
  • Dr. Allen G. Pastron, President, Archeo-Tec
  • Dr. James J. Rawls, Diablo Valley College
  • Dr. Malcolm Rohrbough, University of Iowa
  • Dr. Kevin Starr, California State Librarian
  • Dr. James Quay, California Council for the Humanities
  • Dr. Ling-chi Wang, University of California, Berkeley
  • T.H. Watkins, Montana State University
  • Rochelle Weintraub, Oakland Unified School District
  • Dr. Richard White, University of Washington

Gold Rush! Registration and Research:

  • Alida Bray, Registrar
  • Janice Capecci, Art Department Registrar
  • Candy Carlson, Curatorial Assistant
  • Diane Curry, Curatorial Aide
  • Susana Macarron, Registrar
  • Jill Misrack, Project Assistant
  • Jamie Muse, Project Assistant
  • Cherie Newell, Publications and Videos
  • Carolyn Rissanen, Registrar, Natural Sciences Department
  • Carl Ryanen-Grant, Curatorial Aide
  • Joy Tahan, Associate Registrar, Art Department
  • Valerie Verzuh, Curatorial and Research Assistant


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