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Gold Fever Part II


Stepping Back

Bottles From Archeological Dig S.F.One of the most dramatic quests for gold took place in California 150 years ago with the California Gold Rush. The evidence of that momentous time is literally beneath your feet as you walk through San Francisco today. Modern construction projects sometimes expose pockets of the past. Archaeologists see that material evidence as buried treasure, with which they are able to literally uncover history.

As they carefully excavate these sites, archaeologists unearth a wealth of artifacts and clues with which they piece together a more complete picture of the past. These discoveries reveal much about who was here, and how they lived. These three San Francisco sites--a general store, a maritime junk yard, and a Chinese store--represent a rich treasure chest for Gold Rush archaeologists, and reflect the diversity of people who flocked to California's gold.

Top: Bottles from Archeological Dig, S.F., Photo by Joe Samberg, Collection of Allen Pastron

Chinese Store Site

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