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By the time the argonauts arrived in the California foothills in 1850, most of the easy pickings (placer gold) had already been found.


In the mid 19th century, "I have seen the elephant" meant?
A miner had been to the circus.
A miner had been to Africa.
A person had overcome adversities and hardships.


There was plenty of gold for the first miners already in California or those arriving soon thereafter. With rapidly growing numbers of miners
tensions increased
new advances in technology were made.
some turned to other ways of making money.
some went home empty handed.
all of the above.


The 1849 California State Convention is known for?
Giving the right to vote to Blacks.
Recognizing the political rights of native peoples.
Being a bilingual document.


While the "world rushed in" to the northern foothills
Los Angeles and much of southern California experienced a similar population explosion.
Los Angeles and southern California found the bottom fall out of their cattle market.
Los Angeles and southern California's growth spurt came with the Southern Pacific Railroad and oranges.


As the decade of 1850 progressed, the best ways to get the most gold were?
To travel to the north.
To organize large companies.
To cooperate with farmers.


The Gold Rush brought to California
a golden age of good will and cooperation.
long term changes in the environment of California.
new exemplary models for social and political interactions among California's inhabitants.

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