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Arroyo de la Laguna

Portion of Alameda Creek Watershed

Two major tributaries combine to form the main stem of Alameda Creek. These tributaries are Arroyo de la Laguna and South Fork Alameda Creek.Of course, each of these two tributary streams are in turn fed by many smaller tributaries. This page has links to high-resolution maps of the creeks of the northern end of the Arroyo de la Laguna watershed, around the cities of Pleasanton and Dublin. Tributaries on the eastern and southern ends of this watershed are only represented on a low-resolution, regional map.

The creeks in this region include:
Alamo Creek, Arroyo de la Laguna, Arroyo Las Positas, Arroyo Mocho, Arroyo Valle, Chabot Creek, Clark Canyon, Collier Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Dublin Creek, Gold Creek, Happy Valley Creek, Koopman Canyon, Kottinger Creek, Martin Canyon, Mission Creek, Oak Creek, Pleasanton Canal, San Ramon Creek, Sheep Camp Creek, Sinbad Creek, Sycamore Creek, Tassajara Creek, Tehan Canyon, Vallecitos Creek.


To locate detailed watershed maps click on the hot spots on this regional map
or click on the individual maps in the array below.
Alamo Creek Sinbad Creek Tassajara Creek Chabot Canal Arroyo Las Positas Vallecitos Creek Happy Valley Creek Sycamore Crek Arroyo Valle Arroyo Mocho Arroyo de la Laguna Upper Alameda Creek

Watershed Maps, click to enlarge.
This array of map thumbnails in approximate geographic relationship
Alamo Creek
Tassajara Creek
Arroyo Las Positas, Lower
Arroyo Mocho, Lower
Arroyo de la Laguna
Arroyo Valle
Upper Alameda Creek

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