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Lower Alameda Creek

This page covers Lower Alameda Creek, downstream of the confluence of the two major upstream tributaries, Arroyo de la Laguna and Upper Alameda Creek.Included are a number of small watersheds flowing directly into the Bay. They are included here because they are old channels of Alameda Creek that were occupied by Alameda Creek during floods, or that had been channels of Alameda Creek during geologic time as the creek meandered across its alluvial fan. For the purposes of this web site, it also includes Vallecitos Creek, which is currently operated as a canal delivering Delta water from the State Water Project for use in the Fremont area.

This area includes:
Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel, Ardenwood Creek, Dry Creek, Mt. Eden Creek, Crandall Creek, Mowry Slough, Old Alameda Creek, Patterson Creek, Plummer Creek, Sanjon de los Alisos, Stoneybrook Creek, Ward Creek

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Mt Eden Creek Ward Creek/Old Alameda Creek Crandall Creek Dry Creek Alameda Creek Flood Control Plummer Creek Sanjon de los Alisos Mowry Slough Laguna Creek Vallecitos Creek Upper Alameda Creek Arroyo de la Laguna


Watershed Maps, click to enlarge.
This array of map thumbnails in approximate geographic relationship
Ward Creek & Dry Creek
Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel
Vallecitos Creek
Crandall Creek
Sanjon de los Alisos
Plummer Creek
Mowry Slough

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